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Book of Alexanswers

September 2023

A weekly planner, a scrapbook, and a book of answers.

This project was a birthday gift for my roommate, as a way to combat her lonliness while our friends were studying abroad.

It is a collection of heartfelt notes from our friends integrated in a weekly planner. Many of the designs were left ambiguous (without labels) to encourage unrestricted usage as a scrapbook.


A design element specific to the
book, the thumb scale, was
used as a decorative element on
the front and back covers.

Purple thread was used to match
the covers, and the binding
was left as an open spine.


A video showcasing the design elements
of the book including the page folio,
thumb scale and week counter, personal
notes (right), and the planner grid (left).

The thumb scale being used.

The spreads before binding.

A video showcasing the exterior
design of the book including the
cover design, binding, and title
of the book.