Christine Cho

Design Portfolio
Works of book, typographic, print design


Invitation Concept Design

This project was to create an invitation of an imaginary event, comprised of physical and digital elements.

These designs are part of the invitation for a fictional SpaceX campaign for their launch to Mars. The branding was redone, unrelated to the existing brand to utilize a more swiss design.

The final elements include: a time capsule booklet, paper ticket designs, NFC cards, and a couple posters.
May 2023


The cover of the booklet was made
to be self explanatory, with the
instructions of the booklet and the
start/end dates of the time capsule.

To explore the multifaceted nature of
a french fold binding, the content
inside the folds were different from
the content on the exterior pages.

The exterior pages were designed
to be a flipbook, revealing an
animation of a specific user code
scrolling horizontally. 

The inside of the folds contains 
time capsule questions,
prompting the user to tear open
one page at a time and record 
their last weeks on Earth.


Based on the journey it takes to Mars
today, the ticket  was designed
to accomomodate for a layover at
the space station.


The card acts as a key for the recipients
to access their vehicle, so an NFC tag
was used to link the card to the theoretical
terms and agreement page.


The posters were designed during
the ideation phase, and explored the
potential branding theme.