Christine Cho

Design Portfolio
Works of book, typographic, print design


New York Film Festival Booklet

Redesigning the 2022 New York Film Festival Booklet into a vellum booklet with a supplementary bookmark.
December 2022


The material used, vellum, was a key
element for the design. To improve the
legibility of the booklet, a ticket was
designed to serve as a reading guide.

The translucency was based off the
initial back cover idea—having all
the content text “smashed” out. Vellum
was used to mimic this effect.

A division across the center was
used for the content to work
compositionally when visible from
other side of the page (flipped text).

A demonstration of the readability.
When lifting the page, the text
becomes easy to read.


The two-week calendar was  designed
to work across three pages and
emphasize the translucency of vellum.

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