Christine Cho

Design Portfolio
Works of book, typographic, print design

On Elevators

Book about elevators
Experimental book design 

    5.5x17 in
    46 pages
    Kettle stitch
March 2023

Book of Alexanswers

Multipurpose book of compliments
Weekly planner/journal and scrapbook

    8.5x11 in
    114 pages
    Kettle stitch
September 2023

New York Film Festival Booklet

Vellum booklet and ticket bookmark.
Functional calendar and feature spread included.

    5.5x8.5 in
    30 pages 
    Saddle stitch
December 2022

Invitation Concept Design

Sample of the flipbook time capsule booklet.

    5.5x8.5 in
    12 out of 116 pages
    French fold

Various ticket designs, some perforated.

    3x9, 7, 6 in
    1 page

NFC key card, directing to digital counterpart.
May 2023

South Korea Information Poster

Informational poster on various statistics about South Korea, focused around the historical timeline.

    43x15 in
May 2024